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A very busy first half of the August at the InCube

A very busy first half of the August at the InCube

It was a very busy first half of the month for the InCube businesses.


We have had many exciting sessions and workshops on business development topics. Below we have chosen some of the session that our businesses had attended (among Artur Kraft‘s e-commerce workshops).

Ross McLennan, Accelerator programme

At the beginning of the month Ross McLennan has delivered first workshop from the Accelerator programme (LESL). The first workshop was titled Business Modelling. Participants were guided through the Strategyzer Business Model Canvas – a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool which allows the start up to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot their business model considering critical success factors.

Keith Parsons, Accelerator programme

The second workshop delivered on 9th August by LESL’s Accelerator programme was about marketing and branding. Workshop has covered i.a.:

  • Understand the importance of branding and how it is effectively applied across traditional and digital marketing. Also covering the do’s & don’ts of successful branding.
  • Moving on from branding the session will cover ways to market retail products and stand out from the competition, reviewing the business marketing agenda and how best to promote your business.

Workshop was delivered by Keith Parsons.

Craig Bickett, Saporito Family

Our businesses were also lucky to meet with Craig Bickett, owner of the restaurant Sangre and co-owner of Saporito Family – extremely popular Paisley restaurants and coffee shop. Craig has spoken to our businesses about his journey to create very successful business venture. Our inspirer has highlighted benefits of starting a business in Paisley.

Bob Grant, Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce

Bob Grant has spoken to our businesses about benefits of Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce and explained the details of their automatic membership through InCube programme. Renfrewshire Chamber was established in 1964 and is the leading business membership organisation in Renfrewshire.

Jennifer Zielinski, Scottish Enterprise

Jennifer Zielinski has spoken to our businesses about grants available from Scottish Enterprise.

InCube is Invest in Renfrewshire’s new business programme to launch and grow creative businesses. As many as 20 young businesses will win an InCube place every year. They’ll get a package of support that’s worth more than £11,000 and includes funding and support from Renfrewshire's leading business people.


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