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Patsy Perry

Patsy Perry

Dr Patsy Perry is a Lecturer in Fashion Marketing at The University of Manchester, a role which involves teaching and research projects in the areas of fashion marketing, sustainability and e-commerce. Her most recent research project was looking at how small fashion retailers might use new digital technology ( to help consumers visualise fashion and textile products on their websites.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

My biggest challenge so far was completing my PhD, a three year individual research project that eventually took 5 years to finish. Compared to working in an office with a project team, it was quite lonely and it was hard to keep my motivation and passion for the subject going for such a long time, especially with various setbacks and problems to overcome along the way, and at times I wasn’t sure I would ever get there. But I did it and learnt that nothing that’s really worthwhile ever comes very quickly or very easily!

How do you define success?

It depends what drives you as a person. It doesn’t necessarily mean being famous or making lots of money. Success to me is a combination of happiness and accomplishment in the field I work in and getting there in a way that fits with my personal values and with some work-life balance.

If you could give your start-up self one piece of advice what would it be?

Probably the most important starting point is knowing your customer. Without a customer there is no viable business, no matter how amazing the idea. Understanding exactly who this is will ensure you have a tangible market for your product or service that you can then plan to access in the most effective way.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I’m very partial to a chilled glass of white wine to wind down at the end of a working week!



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