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Mechelina Studios

Mechelina Studios

Mechelina Studios specialises in naturally dyed textiles. I am passionate about ecological ways of colouring sustainable textiles and providing beautiful accessories. I use natural dyes from plants and either dye or contact print/ eco-print on sustainable fabrics such as wool, silk, hemp and linen.

At Mechelina Studios I offer a range of scarves and other accessories.

I love exploring the colours and pigments derived from natural dyes and local plants and applying these to textiles.  The pigments derived from plants yield rich and subtle colours. It provides an ecological sound alternative to conventional dyeing methods and is gentle to the skin.

I use a variety of techniques such as Shibori or Eco-print, involving several dyeing and steaming stages where the print is made by the plant rolled up tightly in a bundle. It is left to cure for several days up to a week.

For example I may use autumn leaves or elderberries printed on madder, onion or a nettle dyed scarf. This gives my work a seasonal element.

I also prepare natural organic indigo vats which provide beautiful blues on its own or could be combined with other plants or an eco-print.

Plans for the future are to develop a larger range of accessories and home decor, including naturally dyed vintage style hats or turbans.






13th September 2017