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invest-council-01InCube is Renfrewshire Council’s new business incubator where start-up and early stage enterprises get a great base, practical support and business skills training, all designed to help them grow. This is a community of entrepreneurs and innovators whose future success will contribute to Renfrewshire’s economic growth.

InCube aims to launch and grow as many as 20 young creative businesses within Renfrewshire every year. InCube’s opening coincides with Paisley officially biding for UK City of Culture 2021 and effectively InCube has a direct relation with the overall vision and ambitions of Renfrewshire’s Council for the next 10-15 years.
All our InCube businesses won their places against stiff competition and they’re all making the most of their year in the InCube where they get a broad mix of support, training and advice from industry experts. The incubator gives young businesses a worry-free environment in which they can concentrate on developing their products, services and markets.
InCube is a part of the Invest in Renfrewshire business support and employability programme. The InCube is based in Listed Building on Paisley’s High Street. It has been restored and refurbished to suit business needs and is a lively and welcoming environment. Paisley, whose architectural, historical and creative treasures have long been hidden, is fast becoming recognised as one of Scotland’s most interesting and enterprising towns. Its textiles heritage and ensuing wealth have left an impressive artistic legacy and continuing artisan culture. A packed calendar of world-class events attracts visitors from all over the UK, Europe and beyond. The InCube is right at the centre of Paisley’s regeneration.

About Us



Start Up

Welcome to InCube a one stop shop for advice, events and guidance on all the business support that is available to individuals looking to become self-employed or start a business in Renfrewshire.

Start Up



Our flagship creative programme offers, advice, workshops and one-to-one sessions to aspiring creative entrepreneurs allowing them to learn how to brand, market and sell their products and services effectively

InCube Creative


Start-up Street

We use the latest technologies to help businesses develop and grow.

Start-Up Street

Support offered by InCube


Office space

Start-up office space in bright, newly refurbished & fully equipped premises in Paisley town centre, with free IT and WiFi

Free selling space at InCube Shop

Space for businesses’ products in InCube Shop

Mentoring and coaching

One-to-one mentoring and coaching

Chamber of Commerce

1 year free membership of Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce


Workshops and tuition from industry experts on  how to essentials such as marketing, book-keeping, sales, customer service and business growth planning

E-commerce and branding

Continuous specialist support to develop e-commerce, online trading facilities and branding (logo, corporate identity).

Developing businesses, that’s what we’re here for.


Workshops held


Up to 9 months of support

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InCube mission

The Paisley Town Centre Asset Strategy & Action Plan sets out an ambitious plan to regenerate Paisley town centre. The Asset Strategy & Action Plan is a reaction to the overall Renfrewshire Council’s Plan ‘A better Future, A Better Council’ 2014-2017. These initiatives aim to increase sustainable Invest in the Renfrewshire economy alongside improving the well-being and life chances of Renfrewshire residents. Council’s vision of Renfrewshire economy can be found here: Renfrewshire’s community plan 2013-2023 (external link) and A Better Council, A Better Future 2014-2017 (external link). InCube aims to stimulate the economy by developing businesses that demonstrate a potential to grow.
InCube mirrors Renfrewshire Council’s vision and ambitions for the whole of Renfrewshire and therefore will be at the frontline of the reinvigoration of Paisley Town centre and of Renfrewshire’s economy. This will be done by supporting local entrepreneurs, helping them ‘start and grow’ their businesses and this in turn will bring further economic prosperity to Renfrewshire. InCube is based in a Category C listed building (27 High Street) which has been refurbished without affecting its historical architecture and significance. As well as preserving the building’s magnificent historical exterior, InCube provides a contemporary work-hub environment with state of the art computing equipment. This reflects what InCube understands to be a fundamental key to increase sustainable investment in the Renfrewshire economy – that there must be an equilibrium between enhancing and utilising Renfrewshire’s heritage and culture in addition to supporting modern, contemporary creative new businesses. The real key role InCube will play is the ability to inspire!
With the InCube retail outlet which is soon to open will further reenergise town centre. It is clear that this an extremely exciting time for both Renfrewshire and Paisley Town Centre. With InCube at the frontline of this exciting new venture in Renfrewshire’s history, investment of Renfrewshire entrepreneurs will not only catapult Paisley to a successful UK City of Culture bid but also provide an excellent platform for future investment into the Renfrewshire economy!

Join the InCube community

If you are part of a young creative retail business with the potential to develop exciting products and sell on the high street or online, then a place in InCube can help you to establish strong and sustainable growth.
InCube aims to help fledgling businesses to fly; nurturing them during a critical period in their development. Individuals and businesses less than 3 years old can apply for a place – to find out more and register your interest contact us:



About Invest in Renfrewshire

Good things are happening in Renfrewshire. Unemployment is falling faster than in most other local authority areas and youth unemployment has halved in the three years since the council launched its employability and business support initiative, Invest in Renfrewshire.
The programme’s ethos is refreshingly simple. Businesses want to grow and they need the right skills and staff to do so. People want to work and they need the right skills to contribute to their employers’ success. Recognising that these needs are complementary, Renfrewshire council has committed substantially to help bridge the skills gap, support business growth and generate jobs and work experience opportunities.
A thriving small business sector is vital. In the 30 months since Invest in Renfrewshire took on the new Business Gateway contract, it has helped to establish 776 new companies. Small businesses have also been helped to overcome barriers to growth with micro loans in excess of £76,600. A Retail Improvement Scheme has approved 119 formal applications and granted a total of £700,000 to local retailers whose enterprises serve Renfrewshire’s communities and attract visitors to the area.
Renfrewshire’s broad-based regeneration includes ambitious plans for Paisley. The town’s iconic importance in the textiles industry built immense wealth and left a legacy of stunning architectural and cultural assets. These are now powering an inspiring revival that involves the whole community in an thriving events programme, plans for a textiles museum of international calibre and a bid for UK City of Culture in 2021. This is predicted to generate as many as 800 jobs.

InCube retail shop is now open!

We are excited to announce that our new shop and retail skills academy at 9b Gilmour Street, Paisley is open! Here you will find goods and products from all our InCube businesses – products will also be available to order online. We look forward to seeing you there!

InCube Shop